?Why alalamiya Company

Because we have been working since our inception to ship the goods quickly and safely and secure all modern shipping requirements

?Mission alalamiya Company

Keeping pace with development and commercial shipping and facilitating the export and shopping mission from Turkey

?The objectives of Al Alamiah

Our goals are simply to achieve our clients’ goals and facilitate their business with comprehensive services

Our Services

International Freight Forwarding Company offers you the best freight forwarding services in Turkey, such as air freight, sea freight, road freight to Iraq, modern shipping services such as customs clearance, all international airports and ports, as well as packing goods to protect them to the fullest.

Fast international shipping

Air-sea freight from Turkey to all countries of the world and to the Arabian Gulf with periodic discounts

Collection and packaging of goods

A special department to facilitate online purchases are ready to assemble goods in our warehouse and packaging

Special purpose cargo

Offers and discounts on the shipment of special items from Turkey to all countries of the world. Shipping door to door

Insurance of cargo sources

Through our experience in the Turkish market we are working to secure the sources of all types of goods to the masters traders

Instant transfers

Instant transfers from and to Turkey. You can also receive and send money orders against Western Union payment from our office

You need to transport your shipment or inquire about prices and shipping time

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